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GopherPods is a community-driven list of podcast episodes that cover the Go programming language and Go related projects.

Race Detection, Firmware, and Production-grade Go

by Go Time on 13 Apr 2017

Kavya Joshi joined the show to talk about shipping production-grade Go, writing firmware with Go, making complex technical concepts accessible, and other interesting Go projects and news.

Distributed Messaging and Network Clients

by Go Time on 06 Apr 2017

Wally Quevedo joined the show to talk processing millions of messages per second with Go, writing network clients, performance at scale, and other interesting Go projects and news.

Game Development and Rebuilding Microservices

by Go Time on 31 Mar 2017

Luna Duclos joined the show to talk about rebuilding a microservice infrastructure with Go, game development, and other interesting Go projects and news.

Splice, Audio, and Compassion

by Go Time on 24 Mar 2017

Matt Aimonetti joined the show to talk about using go to solve tough audio problems, making go for everyone, empowering people with software, and other interesting Go projects and news.

Go Developer Survey

by Go Time on 16 Mar 2017

Steve Francia joined the show to talk about the results of the 2016 Go Developer Survey and other interesting Go projects and news.

Gobot, Hardware, and Gatekeeping

by Go Time on 09 Mar 2017

Ron Evans joined the show to talk about Gobot, writing software for hardware, and open source software's role in improving the human condition.

Dependency Management, Semver, and Community Consensus

by Go Time on 02 Mar 2017

Sam Boyer joined the show to talk about dependency management, building community consensus, and other interesting Go projects and news.

Honeycomb, Complex Systems, and Saving Sanity

by Go Time on 23 Feb 2017

Charity Majors joined the show to talk about debugging complex systems, using go to save one's sanity, hiring smart people who can learn, and collectively working to make "on-call" life not miserable.

Pachyderm, Provenance, and Data Lakes

by Go Time on 16 Feb 2017

Joe Doliner joined the show to talk about managing data lakes with Pachyderm, data containers, provenance, and other interesting Go projects and news.

Go Data Science with Daniel Whitenack

by Software Engineering Daily on 09 Feb 2017

Daniel Whitenack transitioned from doing most of his data science work in Python to writing code in Golang. In this episode, Daniel explains the workflow of a data scientist and discusses why Go is useful. We also talk about the blurry line between data science and data engineering, and how Pachyderm is useful for versioning and reproducibility., GitHub Stars and BitBar

by Go Time on 09 Feb 2017

Mat Ryer joined the show to talk about creating your own Gopher, the importance of GitHub Stars, his project BitBar, and other interesting Go projects and news.

Hellogopher, whosthere?

by Go Time on 02 Feb 2017

Filippo Valsorda joined the show to talk about his project Hellogopher, whosthere (, $GOPATH, TLS 1.3, Cloudflare's secret reverse proxy, and more.

Go, Jocko, and Kafka

by Go Time on 26 Jan 2017

Travis Jeffery joined the show to talk about Go, Jocko, Kafka, how Kafka’s storage internals work, and interesting Go projects and news.

Discussing Imposter Syndrome

by Go Time on 19 Jan 2017

Johnny Boursiquot and Bill Kennedy joined the show with Erik and Carlisia to talk about a hard subject — Imposter Syndrome. Not often enough do we get to have open conversations about the eventual inadequacies we all face at some point in our career; some more often than others. You are !imposter.

Grumpy: Running Python on Go

by Talk Python To Me on 18 Jan 2017

Google runs millions of lines of Python code. The front-end server that drives and YouTube’s APIs is primarily written in Python, and it serves millions of requests per second! On this episode you'll meet Dylan Trotter who is working increase performance and concurrency on these servers powering YouTube. He just launched Grumpy: A Python implementation based on Go, the highly concurrent language from Google.

Go and Buffalo Live from Dunkin' Donuts

by Go Time on 12 Jan 2017

Mark Bates joined the show this week live from his local Dunkin' Donuts to talk about Go and Buffalo — his Go web framework. Those who listened live said this was our best show yet. If you agree let us know in #gotimefm on Gopher Slack or say hi on Twitter.

Creating a Programming Language

by Go Time on 23 Dec 2016

Thorsten Ball joined the show to talk about creating a programming language, writing an interpreter, why he wrote the book "Writing An Interpreter in Go", how writing a language/interpreter will help you better understand other programming languages, building a computer from Nand to Tetris, and his thoughts on imposter syndrome.

The Go Compiler and Go 1.8

by Go Time on 15 Dec 2016

Keith Randall from the Go team joined the show to talk about why a new compiler, what we gain from SSA, what’s next for the compiler, Go 1.8, and the goals/plans for Go 1.9.

Teaching and Learning Go

by Go Time on 14 Dec 2016

Todd McLeod joined the show to talk about teaching and learning Go, his work as an Instructor at Fresno City College, Udemy and on YouTube.

Go Kit, Dependency Management & Microservices

by Go Time on 13 Dec 2016

Peter Bourgon joined the show to talk about Go kit, microservices, Go in the enterprise, dependency management, and writing Go packages.

Juju, Jujucharms, and Gorram

by Go Time on 10 Nov 2016

Nate Finch joined the show this week to talk about Juju, Charms, maturing a project along side Go, Gorram, finding your happy path, and more.

Open Sourcing Chain's Developer Platform

by Go Time on 03 Nov 2016

Tess Rinearson joined the show to talk about Chain launching their open source developer platform, choosing an open source license, open sourcing Chain Core, and the future of this powerful blockchain written in Go.

Go Work Groups and Hardware Projects

by Go Time on 27 Oct 2016

Jaana Burcu Dogan joined the show to talk about hardware geekery, on-boarding people into Go, the state of the feedback loop with the Go team, and her initiative to create Go Work Groups.

Building a Startup on Go

by Go Time on 20 Oct 2016

Blake Mizerany joined the show to talk about coming to Go from Ruby, Go’s growth and adoption over the past 7 years, adopting external dependencies, building a startup on Go, and coding as CEO.

Kubernetes, Containers, and Go

by Go Time on 13 Oct 2016

Kelsey Hightower joined the show to talk about the work he's doing at Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Bringing Pokémon GO to life on Google Cloud, Kubernetes cluster federation, Containers, and of course Go.

Programming Practices, Exercism, and Open Source

by Go Time on 06 Oct 2016

Katrina Owen joined the show to explore ideas about open source, code review, learning to program, becoming a savvy programmer, mentoring, projects she's working on, and also her very prominening code learning tool Exercism.

Aaron Schlesinger on Go in 5 Minutes and Design Patterns

by Go Time on 22 Sep 2016

Aaron Schlesinger joined the show this week to talk about his Go in 5 Minutes series of screencasts, and design patterns in Go.

Monorepos, Mentoring, and Testing with Bryan Liles

by Go Time on 15 Sep 2016

We’re joined by Bryan Liles this week to discuss Monorepos, Mentoring, and Testing.

SOLID Go Design with Dave Cheney

by Go Time on 08 Sep 2016

We were joined by Dave Cheney this week to discuss SOLID Go design.

As Goes Cloud, So Goes Go!

by The New Stack @ Scale Podcast on 07 Sep 2016

Which programming languages are most appropriate for use in the cloud? That question, in essence, is the topic of discussion for the twelfth episode of The New Stack at Scale podcast.

Ben Johnson on the Go Standard Library

by Go Time on 01 Sep 2016

In this episode we have BoltDB’s Ben Johnson talking with us about NoSQL vs. Sql databases and tradeoffs, and we deep dive on the question of how to choose one or the other. We talk abouing data structures while discussing Ben’s Secret Lives of Data project, and also go over his motivation and plans for his blog post series of walkthroughs of the Go standard library packages.

The 4 Cornerstones of Writing Software — Bill Kennedy on Productivity

by Hello Tech Pros on 30 Aug 2016

Bill Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Studio in Miami, Florida, a mobile, web, and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book Go in Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net, and a founding member of GoBridge which is working to increase Go adoption through diversity.

Matt Holt on CaddyServer, the ACME protocol and TLS

by Go Time on 25 Aug 2016

This episode wins the contest for the most protocols discussed. Matt Holt joins us to talk about TLS, Let’s Encrypt, the ACME protocol, CaddyServer, and a host of other important information security issues.

Francesc Campoy on GopherCon and Understanding nil

by Go Time on 18 Aug 2016

In our first show after GopherCon, we are joined by Francesc Campoy to chat about some of our GopherCon experience, understanding nil, and a great variety of interesting topics of interest to the Go community.

Beyang Liu on Go at Sourcegraph and Writing Better Code

by Go Time on 10 Aug 2016

Beyang Liu from Sourcegraph joins the show to talk about Go at Sourcegraph and their code insight and language analysis tools for writing better code. We also get an understanding of what Sourcegraph is and the many ways to integrate it into your workflow.

Jessie Frazelle on Maintaining Open Source, Docker, and dotfiles

by Go Time on 10 Aug 2016

Jessie Frazelle joins us this week to talk about being an open source maintainer, Docker’s pull request acceptance workflow, dotfiles, getting started with public speaking.

State of Go Survey and Go at Heroku with Ed Muller

by Go Time on 01 Aug 2016

Ed Muller from Heroku join us to discuss his State of Go survey, vendoring and versioning, the Heroku Go Buildpack, how they use Go at Heroku, and more.

Scott Mansfield on Go at Netflix

by Go Time on 28 Jul 2016

Scott Mansfield joins us this week to talk about Go at Netflix, performance, latency and caching, Rend (their memcached proxy), chaos monkey, and more.

Asim Aslam on Micro the Go Microservice Toolkit

by Go Time on 27 Jul 2016

Asim Aslam joined us to talk about Micro, a pluggable RPC based library which provides the fundamental building blocks for writing microservices in Go. We also discussed open source sustainability, microservices, and serverless architecture.

Raphael Simon on goa The Framework for Building Microservices

by Go Time on 26 Jul 2016

A deep dive into goa, a design-based microservice framework with a DSL that generates idiomatic Go code for your APIs, swagger documentation, and tests helpers.

ngrok and Go with Alan Shreve

by The Changelog on 08 Jul 2016

This week we talked to Alan Shreve, the creator of the beloved ngrok. We talked about; what it is, why it exists, why he wrote it in Go, and ultimately why 1.0 is open source, but 2.0 is not.

GoLang Will Make Your Plumbing Code Sexy

by Hello Tech Pros on 07 Jul 2016

Aaron Schlesinger discusses the past, present and future of the Go programming language and why it is coming to take over the world.

Bill Kennedy on Mechanical Sympathy

by Go Time on 23 Jun 2016

A deep dive into the fascinating topic of mechanical sympathy with Bill Kennedy. We talk about that plus CPU caches, how object oriented programming is not oriented to be sympathetic to the hardware, and data-oriented design.

Sarah Adams on Test2Doc and Women Who Go

by Go Time on 21 Jun 2016

On this show we’re joined by Sarah Adams. We talk about creating safe spaces for women to get started in the Go community, about Women Who Go, and take a deep dive into her Test2Doc open source project.

Go and Data Science With Daniel Whitenack

by Go Time on 16 Jun 2016

In this super informative show with Daniel Whitenack we discuss Go and data science. We talk about what data science really is, tools and projects for getting started with data science using Go, and what to expect from Daniel’s talk at GopherCon this year titled “Go for Data Science”.

Early Go Adoption with Travis Reeder

by Go Time on 10 Jun 2016

Travis Reeder joins the show today to talk about, early Go adoption, how helps with GoSF and other events for the Go community, the implications of containers at scale, and more.

Go Community Discussions with Cory LaNou

by Go Time on 02 Jun 2016

Cory LaNou is our guest this week. He shared what it was like to start open source development after 13 years of programming behind closed doors, and what it was like to have one of his first contributions (a bug fix) be reviewed by Dave Cheney (a very prominent Go developer).

It’s Go Time!

by Go Time on 19 May 2016

In this inaugural show Erik, Brian, and Carlisia kick things off by sharing some recent Go news that caught their attention, what to expect from this show, ways to get in touch, and more.

Go on the Cloud with Andrew Gerrand and Chris Broadfoot

by Google Cloud Platform Podcast on 11 May 2016

Join us today for a conversation with Andrew Gerrand and Chris Broadfoot from the Go team. They will discuss with your hosts Francesc Campoy and Mark Mandel why Go is so successful for all the things cloud and how you can use it with Google Cloud Platform.

Pass By Reference Or Value

by Go Gab on 19 Mar 2016

Today we talk about whether Go is a pass-by-reference or pass-by-value language.

Methods Vs Functions

by Go Gab on 04 Mar 2016

I wanted to talk briefly about methods vs functions as a way of laying the groundwork for future topics such as pointers and references. This episode answers the question, "What is the difference between a method and a function?".

The Rune Data Type

by Go Gab on 01 Mar 2016

Three minutes isn't nearly long enough to talk about the rune data type in Go, but I tried anyway.

The Main Goroutine

by Go Gab on 26 Feb 2016

Coming to terms with Go's concurrency model, investigating how the main function operates.

Caddy HTTP/2 Web Server with Matt Holt and Sebastian Erhart

by The Changelog on 30 Oct 2015

This week we’re joined by Matt Holt and Sebastian Erhart to talk about Caddy the HTTP/2 web server written in Go. It’s time to serve the web like it’s 2015!

Programming in Go with Michael Van Sickle

by .NET Rocks! on 13 Oct 2015

How much can a language do with only 25 keywords? Carl and Richard talk to Michael Van Sickle about Google's Go Language. The focus in Go is on simplicity and structure - it's amazing what you can do with so few keywords, plus fixed locations for braces, indentations, and so on. The benefit of Go is easy-to-read code that has great concurrency capabilities - the Actor model is a standard pattern of development for Go. Michael also digs into the tooling around Go, using Atom for an editor and various plug ins to make coding and debugging easier. So how good is Go? Docker is written in Go! Check it out!

Cylon.js, Gobot, Artoo, and IoT with Ron Evans from The Hybrid Group

by The Changelog on 09 Oct 2015

Our guest this week is Ron Evans, ringleader of The Hybrid Group and creator of a fleet of open source robot…libraries. We talked about open source and robotics, Cylon.js, Gobot, Artoo, teaching, KidsRuby, his programming hero, and more.

BoltDB, InfluxDB and more with Ben Johnson

by The Changelog on 21 Aug 2015

Our guest this week is Ben Johnson. He joins the show to school us on BoltDB, InfluxDB, and several other key value store databases out there and why he’s so passionate about developing open source software.

Prometheus and Service Monitoring with Julius Volz from SoundCloud

by The Changelog on 07 Aug 2015

Our guest this week is Julius Volz from SoundCloud. Julius joins the show to talk about Prometheus, an open-source service monitoring system written in Go.

Go on The Web

by The Web Platform Podcast on 05 Aug 2015

Andrew Gerrand (@enneff), Developer Advocate at Google & Go core contributor, talks about GoLang and how it is being used in Web Development today as well as the plans for the future of the Go as a platform for the web.

Code Geneaology and the Future of Go

by The New Stack Analysts on 10 Jul 2015

What paths will the Go programming language take? This question is posed to CoreOS CTO and Co-founder Brandon Philips, and DeferPanic Founder Ian Eyberg, at the start of this edition of The New Stack Analysts podcast, recorded at GopherCon 2015.

Go in the Modern Enterprise Using gokit with Peter Bourgon

by The Changelog on 03 Jul 2015

Our guest this week is Peter Bourgon, the maker of gokit, a toolkit for building microservices using Go in the modern enterprise.

Some thoughts about the Go language

by Hacker Public Radio on 07 Jun 2015

I've been learning Go recently. Here are my initial thoughts about the language and framework.

GopherCon 2015 with Brian Ketelsen and Erik St. Martin

by The Changelog on 19 May 2015

In this show, we cover what it takes to create and run a conference like GopherCon, the size of the event, the speaking track, after-parties, hack day, workshops, and more. We even cover their focus on diversity with their Diversity Scholarship Support Fund that anyone can support, even those who don’t plan to attend, as well as their child care options to ensure even those with children have the opportunity to attend.

Fatherhood with Andrew Gerrand

by Beats, Rye & Types on 18 May 2015

As you can tell by our terrible senses of humour, we’re dads. Since we spend a lot of time thinking about and caring for our sons and daughters, we enlisted the expertise of one of our good friends and “Old Dad”, Andrew Gerrand (@enneff) to talk to us about fatherhood. In this case we get to touch on fatherhood as it relates not only to our actual kids, but also as the stewardship of a major open-source project (Google’s Go language #golang).

The State of Go in 2015 with Andrew Gerrand

by The Changelog on 25 Mar 2015

Andrew shares the state of Go in 2015, how Go compares to other concurrent languages, why people choose Go over other languages, the C to Go toolchain conversion, and what’s coming in version 1.5 and 1.6 of Go.

Talking with Developers at GopherCon India 2015

by The New Stack Analysts on 07 Mar 2015

“It’s very much India’s Go Conference. It’s not just us coming in and talking at you,” says Dave Cheney, an Australian speaker, blogger, and open source author. Dave co-organises the Sydney Go Users group and has been an active contributor to the Go project since February 2011. He spent some time during GopherConIndia 2015 to talk with Atul Jha, Community Manager for The New Stack, for this episode of The New Stack Analysts.

Interview with CC4CS talking about Security in Go

by UnicornTV on 06 Mar 2015

We talk with Matt Rosentrater and Jiran Dowlati about security in go applications. They help us understand why golang is a better language for security all around when compared to many other programming languages available.

Go(ing) to Go

by 2 Devs from Down Under on 12 Sep 2014

So, we're finally back. Episode 35 is all about Go and we're joined by Marc Esher (who was on the podcast before). After some a quick run through some "things of today" (that Kai clearly won this time), we get started and try to explain what Go is and its place in the universe of programming languages. We ramble on talking about specific features of the language, what individuals like or dislike about it and how each of us uses Go. Towards the end, we're discussing package management issues with Go but then run out of time to dive into more details and a variety of other topics on our list.

Golang Best Practices

by UnicornTV on 08 Sep 2014

Today we're going to talk about good and bad practices in Go. Many of these tips are just opinions, based on our experiences with Go applications. We use Go regularly and have built apps for mobile, web, desktop and servers. With the versatility provided by the Go language and LLVM compiler, not all tips, tools or best practices are applicable to these various environments. Thus we want to talk about some core conventions that are likely to be among the most valuable and simple to use.

Go and DNSimple with Anthony Eden

by .NET Rocks! on 05 Jun 2014

Carl and Richard chat with Anthony Eden about his work creating DNSimple and the languages he uses to create awesome. Yeah, the boys fangirl a bit on DNSimple, since they do love it so. But so what? It's a great product and you should use it. Anthony talks about his inspiration for building DNSimple, his experiences working in Erlang to build parts of the server, as well as Google's super-cool language Go. This is what polyglot programming is all about - using the best languages for the job.

Go, Martini and Gophercasts with Jeremy Saenz

by The Changelog on 16 Apr 2014

Adam and Jerod talk with Jeremy Saenz about Go, Martini, Gophercasts and more.

An Introduction to the Go Programming language with Andrew Gerrand

by Hanselminutes on 28 Mar 2014

Andrew Gerrand is a developer at Google who works on the Go Programming Language (golang). Why Go and why now? What kinds of problems does Go solve that aren't a good match for existing languages? How does Go compare to C++ and improve upon it?

Andrew Gerrand on Go

by Software Engineering Radio on 14 Mar 2014

Andrew Gerrand works on the Go programming language at Google. His conversation with Jeff begins with a history of the language, including the details behind how Go was conceived and how the open source community contributes to it. Andrew explains how Go intends to simplify problems which have been motifs as Google has scaled. The development of Go is an opportunity to fix issues that weren’t being considered when C was being designed. For example, dependencies are managed more efficiently, shortening build times.

The Go Language

by FLOSS Weekly on 19 Feb 2014

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. Francesc Campoy Flores is the Developer Programs Engineer for the Go team. Guests: Francesc Campoy Flores.

Brad Fitzpatrick on Go

by The Java Posse on 19 Dec 2013

An Overview of the Go Language with Brad Fitzpatrick

by Puppet Labs on 04 Dec 2013

We caught up with Google's Brad Fitzpatrick at OSCON this year to talk about what has developers and operations folks so excited about the Go Language (aka golang). Go came out of Google in 2009, and has been slowly been adding different services to the language.

Go programming with Rob Pike and Andrew Gerrand

by The Changelog on 14 Aug 2013

Andrew Thorp talks with Rob Pike and Andrew Gerrand about the history and latest updates to the Go programming language, an open source project developed from a team at Google and many contributors from the open source community.

The Go programming language, SVG graphics, and the Bootstrap toolkit

by /dev/loop on 16 Nov 2012

Brandon Konkle, Michael Trythall, Pete Baumgartner and Yann Malet gather to talk about the Go programming language, SVG graphics, and the Bootstrap toolkit.

Making it fast

by Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots Podcast on 14 Oct 2012

Ben Orenstein is joined by William Josephson and Jay Moorthi from Solano Labs, the makers of tddium, the hosted, scalable continuous integration service. They discuss the architecture of the service, including how they're using Go to speed up parts of it, the surprises they've had in getting started, how they've gotten involved in the Ruby community, and how they validated their idea and get feedback from customers.


by Programming Throwdown on 06 Sep 2012

Google’s Go Programming Language

by The Changelog on 27 Nov 2009

Wynn and Adam caught up with Rob Pike, Principal Engineer at Google and Tech Lead for the Google Go team. The primary topic was, of course, Google’s new Open Source programing language, Go.